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The goal of naturopathic medicine is to treat problems at the root cause thereby resolving symptoms and increasing vitality. Natural therapeutics are used to support the healing process. Our clinic doctors keep up to date on new research and treatment methods through study and continuing education. They also diligently check to make sure that prescribed natural therapeutics will not be contraindicated with other medications you may be currently taking.

The following is a list of the treatment modalities most commonly used by our doctors in individualized plans for each patient:

Homeopathy: A safe and effective system of medicine that stimulates the body’s own immunity and ability to heal.

Nutrition: It is important to eat whole foods that are appropriate for your specific constitution.

Hydrotherapy: The application of hot and cold water to direct circulation and aid elimination.

Botanicals: Herbs are used as teas, tinctures, poultices and incorporated into the diet.

Physical Medicine: The use of structural integration and other hands-on techniques to properly align the body.

Supplements: Used to correct dietary deficiencies and provide targeted support

Lifestyle: Stress management, assessment of environment, and incorporation of daily preventive habits. Focus is on mental/emotional and spiritual health as well as addressing the physical body.